Telephone/Skype Therapy

  • Telephone/Skype therapy is particularly beneficial for individuals who:
  • Are unable to travel because of health difficulties, e.g. agoraphobia, physical illness·
  • Have small children or are caring for dependent others·
  • Do not have the time availability to access face-to-face therapy·
  • Live in a different geographical region or outside the United Kingdom·
  • Travel extensively or have unusual working hours·
  • May feel unduly anxious or embarrassed·
  • Feel particularly comfortable with this mode of therapy·
  • Want to try telephone therapy as an introduction prior to face to face therapy
  • May simply find it more practical to do so.



Our telephone therapy service represents a convenient way to access CBT help over the telephone. Alternatively you may wish to Skype.


What is involved?

To enquire about telephone/Skype therapy please contact: 07891-207109

All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence and it is fully appreciated that you may not wish to disclose personal details at this point. It will however, be helpful if you can give a brief description of your problem.

Please feel free to telephone anytime between: 9am and 9 pm UK local time.



You may wish to contact by email in the first instance. Again, a brief description of your difficulties would be helpful. Steve will send a return email to you stating available times, the cost and payment method.

For booking or any other enquiries please send an email to


Information required

Please advise us of the most suitable time/s of the day (mornings, afternoons or evenings) and the day/s of the week. Your phone number including your country code. The time zone from which you will be phoning, if outside the UK.


Privacy & Confidentiality

Because privacy and confidentiality is a very important aspect of telephone/Skype therapy, we will endeavour to ensure this at all times. We will be pleased to discuss this with you if you have any concerns.

Please Note: because the caller normally pays for the telephone call, details of calls may appear on an individual itemised telephone bill.


Terms of Service are as follows:

  • You have looked at the information provided on this website and agree to the terms of service
  • You are over the age of 18yrs
  • You agree to be truthful and not deliberately withhold information which may be significant.
  • You appreciate that either party may discontinue telephone therapy without the need for explanation; however, ideally discussion will take place in this event
  • It is understood that telephone therapy services are provided strictly for personal use only and not for publication, public broadcast, litigation, research or other undisclosed activity
  • Any recording of material will only be granted by requesting permission first
  • It is understood that telephone therapy is not a replacement for face-to-face therapy and in the event of needing emergency or crisis assistance you will access appropriate services in your local area or by contacting the telephone helpline numbers listed below.
  • You agree that we hold no responsibility for direct or consequential loss due to internet, computer or telephone or other equipment malfunction.
  • You agree that medical assistance/advice will be sought independently if required, as we cannot offer such services.
  • It must be understood that no warranty or guarantee can be offered as to the effectiveness of telephone therapy. Any advice, help and assistance offered, will be provided with the best of intentions and with your best interest in mind at all times.
  • You agree that the services provided are governed under the laws of England and Wales.
  • In accordance with professional codes of ethics, breaches of codes of confidentiality would normally only occur in exceptional circumstances such as risk to self or others. The exception is in the case of clinical supervision, whereupon cases may be discussed; however this is done without disclosing client name or details and the purpose is to provide an impartial independent professional opinion in order to enhance the therapy process.



Please read if you are under 18yrs old or in Crisis

If you are under the age of 18yrs, we regret that we cannot offer you this service. We do feel it is vital that you get the right help and the help you need – please see telephone numbers below. These organisations can offer you free confidential help (remember any numbers you call may show up on the phone bill and websites you visit can be traced on the history of your computer).


If you are traumatised, in severe crisis, feeling suicidal or suffering from severe mental health problems this service may not be suitable for you. It is our belief that telephone therapy cannot provide you with the necessary level of care, contact and assessment you need under these conditions.


The Samaritans, Childline and NHS Direct are respected, recognised organisations. Please seek help immediately if you are in crisis. All helplines listed below offer a 24 hour service.


The Samaritans: 0845 909090 - Free emotional help and support.

Childline: 0800 1111 – Free and confidential helpline for children and young people.

NHS Direct: 0845 4647 - Free medical and health information and advice.