Specialist Nursing Services

We offer an outpatient or community based approach (including home visits where needed). Our aim is to provide you with a personalised service to meet your specific needs.


Mental Health Nursing

Helping clients through an acute phase of mental ill-health e.g. depression, anxiety, grief, bereavement or other significant life difficulties such as relationship breakdown, divorce, etc. Alternatively, longer term support and rehabilitation is also available.


Learning Disability Nursing

Support for clients and their families, practical assistance and help, counselling and CBT.
All packages of care and support are tailored to individual needs.


Counselling and Psychotherapy

Most of the time we cope very well in spite of incredible stresses. At other times even the simplest request feels impossible. Counselling and therapy can help to restore the balance using a variety of different therapeutic techniques to bring about positive change. it can also be used very effectively alongside medication. Sometimes unresolved issues can give rise to painful or guilty feelings, which in turn can make everyday life and decision-making extremely difficult. Problems rarely resolve themselves without action, and if they do, it may not be in the way we desire.


Body-Centred Therapy

Becoming aware and alive to the body, re-connecting to natural rhythms and energy through bodywork can be an enlightening and liberating experience. Re-discovering ourselves “as a body”, rather than simply being “in a body” is the first step to reclaiming that which is so precious. – “ourselves”. The style of body therapy is known as “Pulsing” and has been described as the “Tai-Chi of Massage”. It is one of the most blissful and nurturing forms of bodywork available today.

Further details available at www.pulsing.co.uk