Fees and Payments

Our aim is to enable you to get the right treatment whatever your health concern. Our fees reflect the best clinical practice and compare favourably with market leaders, in that our fees are both competitive and comprehensive. Our fees are reviewed and adjusted annually.


The fee per session is £70.00 if self-funding. Medical insurance rates may vary.


If you are funding services yourself, you may choose to make a payment each session, or alternatively, you may prefer to be invoiced for payment on a monthly basis.


If you are claiming on your medical insurance, it is important to ask them first if you’re covered for the services you require and if there are any specific exclusions. Some insurance companies will fund treatment following a direct referral from a GP, others may have a different referral pathway.


Companies and organisations – please contact us to discuss invoicing arrangement. Missed, broken or cancelled sessions are charged in full, apart from in exceptional circumstances.