Whether you are looking at reducing sickness and absenteeism, improving the morale of your workforce, or creating a whole new team, we can help you to bring out the best in your workforce.


No longer is it sufficient to focus on “stress at work” – indeed, the inclusion of the word “stress” in organisational vocabulary is less helpful than commonly assumed. Likewise, we believe that traditional methods of stress management are outdated and fundamentally flawed and that we need to take an integrated, holistic and expansive approach to health.


In discussion with you, listening and identifying the needs of your organisation, before we look at solutions, helps us to fully appreciate and understand the unique culture and context of your organisational environment and then together we can focus on developmental needs and strategy.


Creating and establishing an effective work/ home/ life balance is good news for all. We sincerely believe all employers will want to embrace the opportunity to make minor adjustments to their daily lives and feel happier, healthier and more fulfilled at work.


We hope that you will welcome the opportunity to invite us to discuss your needs and how we may be able to help you to meet the needs of your organisation.